My 2017 project

Recently my imagination was fired up when I heard about Howards End is on the Landing, Susan Hill’s book about spending a year reading the books in her house. As anyone who has been here knows, this house is full of bookshelves and I admit to not having read everything there so I’ve decided to attempt to copy Susan Hill. However she put a restriction on herself  of not buying any new books at all but I’m not going that far.  After all I am an avid fan of Toppings bookshop in Ely and couldn’t stay out of it for a year!

So starting on Sunday 1st January I will attempt to read a book a week, mainly those on our bookshelves, though some are on the Kindle and,  as mentioned above,  I can’t not buy books for a year! And each week I’ll try a blog about the book.  It won’t be a review of it but hopefully it might prove to be vaguely interesting. 

The final point: not all the books will be new to me.  Some of my books are old friends and demand to be re-read regularly,  but the majority I won’t have read before.